Freight forwarder trailer customs clearance English explanation

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Free storage: free of charge (free of charge for return during opening)

Full in/Laden in: full in/ laden in.

LATE COME: The customer requests our company to delay the return of heavy container/delivery time/release slip.

Loading list: Loading list

LOI: Letter of Identification. Loi: Letter of identification

OB/L: Original Bill of Lading

The Port of Discharge is also called the port of destination.

POL: Port of Loading. Port of loading.

POR: Port of Receipt - place of receipt, usually a port where a large ship does not call directly

S/I: Shipping Instruction - replenishment

S/O: Shipping Order - booking number

SWB: Seaway Bill

T/R: Tele-Release

A: We have a Truck.

Customs Declaration: Customs declaration.

CY CLOSING: The time when the big ship ends to return the goods (stop receiving the goods), also called cut-off weight, refers to the closing time of the heavy container

CY OPEN: commonly known as opening, that is, the ship begins to receive goods, free of cabin rent, cargo customs clearance start time. Count from zero on the opening date.

CY: Container Yard. Cy: Container yard.

Customs release script cut off: The deadline for submitting the release slip to our company.

Customs declaration information cut off: Customs declaration information cut off: The cut-off time for entry of customs declaration information to the shipping agent.

D.G.: Dangerous goods

Depot: external storage yard, our company designated can pick up the place.

EIR: equipment interchange receipt (commonly known as: replacement paper/container paper)

Empty(MTY) Out: Empty(mTY) out.

Empty(MTY) Return: empty (MTY) return to the yard.

Equipment Free time: Free container rental (our company from the day of picking up three days free container rental, non-hourly system)

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival - estimated time of arrival

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure - Estimated time of departure

F/D: Final Destination, that is, the final destination of the goods.

Feeder vessel/Barge: feeder vessel/ barge

Customs clearance related English explanation

a) Customs-clearance or declaration (" clearance ") at the customs (" clearance ": noun)

b) apply to the customs. Declare at the customs. B) apply to (to) the customs. Declare at the customs.

c) clearance of goods or entry (n.) (clear the goods from customs: clearance of goods)

d) "declaration" : bill of entry or application to pass goods through customs or customs debenture or customs declaration or entry (one word) or report

e) customs clearing fee

f) customs broker: customs broker or customs house broker

g) customs agent: customs agent

h) port of entry: port of entry

i)Customs declaration document: entry

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